Message from the Principal

Podiatric physicians are devoted to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of foot and ankle disorders, diseases, and injuries. They are the only health professionals who exclusively specialise in this area and it’s a field in growing demand. An aging population coupled with an increase in chronic conditions that impact mobility, such as diabetes, means more people are seeking care.

At the heart of the Ziauddin University College of Podiatric Medicine (ZCPM) programme is a rigorous curriculum in the basic medical and clinical sciences mixed with hands-on learning experiences that begin in students’ second year, a full year earlier than other programmes. Students gain clinical experience in a variety of inpatient, outpatient, and specialty facilities in the Clifton area, including in surgery, radiology, wound care, biomechanics, medicine, anesthesia, and, of course, podiatric medicine and surgery. You’ll provide care to patients of all ages and backgrounds and, in line with ZCPM’s mission, connect with and learn from underserved communities as part of our CSR initiative.

Our programme is committed to leading the field in podiatric medical education, patient care delivery experience, clinical outcomes, research, and community service efforts. After you graduate from ZCPM, you’ll be ready to excel in your residency training.

I welcome you to this programme that will lead to a fulfilling and bright future and remain available for any information you may contact us on the provided Email / Contact Number.