Campus Life

If our students’ high levels of participation and involvement are any indication, they agree that campus life at ZCPM is engaging and important. There are many reasons to get involved in campus activities, but here are a few of the most common:

Gain Leadership Experience

This helps prepare you for your career. Ziauddin University student organisations and more than 50 student-organised events each year provide plenty of opportunities to get involved, get practical experience, and have fun. In addition, if you don’t see a good fit for your interests, start your own society with like-minded individuals.

Embrace Diversity

Celebrate the diversity of the Ziauddin University community and broaden your perspective through everyday interactions on campus and dozens of student-run organisations and cultural events. We embrace students from all across Pakistan and you’ll find a beautiful tapestry of culture and diversity in student life. 

Extend your Interprofessional Experiences

Go beyond the classroom by spending time on campus or just getting involved with students from engineering, business administration, law and media sciences, etc. Most students at Ziauddin University spend lots of time on campus, providing multiple opportunities to build friendships with students across disciplines and further the conversations and team-building we promote through our interprofessional approach to education. 

Hone your Heart for Service

At ZCPM we believe that the highest moral standards and ethics are inculcated in our students. They learn to value the sanctity of life and embody the passion to serve the Pakistani nation. Selflessness, sacrifice and solidarity with the underprivileged coupled with professionalism that goes above and beyond the call of duty are the core values we instill in our students. Not only will you be a successful practitioner of pediatrics, you will also be a more confident and assertive leader after graduation.